Creative Languages

I have been thinking all day what to write about.  There are so many thinks I think and I wonder which ones are worth sharing.  I was up late last night and surprisingly I think much clearer at 2am than I do at 10am.  Last night while I was reading and then letting my mind wander while I tried to fall asleep, I thunk this thought;

There is a creative language that I do not speak.  I know I need to grow in my understanding of the subject and I hope my children will speak it better than I.  I know it is a vernacular I will never be fluent in…the creative language of Science. 

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest and see the neat science experiments I could do with the kids, but I don’t because if they start asking questions I don’t have any answers.  I am flabbergasted by how many uses there are for hydrogen peroxide because I never paid much attention in science class.  I look at all things sciency and I marvel at them. The Northern Lights, snowflakes, meteor showers, erosion, chemical compounds, why my green bin bags decompose but the garbage bags don’t.  I think about the way animals adapt and evolve.  The way ecosystems work.  The human body.  Mind. Blown.

It’s a language I would like to speak, not so that I can explain all the things that I find wondrous, but so I can understand them more, so I can connect better with them.

I know that there is this huge disconnect between Science and Religion.  That some would say I have to choose one.  But I refuse to believe that.  Science explains a bit of what God does.  The way a blueprint explains how to build the house in an architect’s mind.  The way the colour wheel gives all painters the same foundation to jump off of.  

If I could speak the creative language of Science better I would know even more about the Creator, like when a singer explains the meaning of a song, or a sculptor talks about the inspiration for a piece.  It’s always so fascinating to learn what artists are thinking, to be let into their world.

Isn’t there a quote by some deep thinker about many paths that lead to the same destination, many textbooks that can shed light on the same subject matter.  

Hmmm, those are the thoughts I thunk last night.  


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