Scrapbooking is my drug, i mean craft, of choice.  One of my motivators to start this blog came in the early spring when one of my favourite brands of scrapbooking supplies advertised their call for Design Team members.  I was pretty sure I could put in the effort to create pages based on assignments, test products, write reviews, create with other mediums and share my style with others.  So I grabbed a cup of tea and pretended I didn’t have any chores to do, I sat down to fill out the application and create a portfolio of my favourite pages.  I was excited and nervous.  What if no one else likes my style?  What if I am so behind the trends I’m obsolete?  Do I really have what it takes to be a ‘professional scrapbooker’?

A few minutes into the application I reached a hurdle.  One of the requirements was a link to your blog, your blog on which you showcase crafty things.  I did not have one.  For a moment I thought about applying anyway, but then I thought why not start a blog and apply next year.  There is so much about my hobby that I haven’t even explored, this could be a very fun experiment.  

In 2012 I completed about 10 personal scrapbook pages, lack of time, lack of funds, lack of inspiration.  I made a few gift albums for new babes that I really enjoyed.  I wondered if I could open an Etsy store of paper goods.  My confidence that I could win a space on a design team began to wane.  

The new year has brought with it new hope.  I mentioned the journey I’m on in my very first post and have decided to make one of my 2013 goals to enter myself as a candidate for a Design Team when submission calls go out.  

So you’re going to see a lot about Scrapbooking on this blog.  Pages I’ve created, products I love, challenges I’ve entered.  I’m so curious to see if I have what it takes to get recognized as unique in the hobby I adore. 

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