Got Ink?

Tattoos are controversial aren’t they.  A form of art that has us divided into two camps: those for and those against.  Those against think that tattoos have to be garish and a question of good judgement.  Something you’ll regret in the morning.  Nothing gets you judged more quickly than a visible tattoo.

Those who are for are like me.  We think it’s art.  That skin is just another canvas.  Folks with tattoo are deep and poetic…

My tattoo is a butterfly and I thought long and hard before I chose it.  It’s s a visual representation of my favourite Scripture verse: “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” (Eph 2:10)  Butterflies are amazing to me.  They are created to be one thing, and then to change into another.  As a caterpillar they aren’t much to look at, but as a butterfly they are gorgeous.  So intricate, so colourful.  Little works of art fluttering around our heads.  Butterflies remind me how I started off as one thing, but have changed into another.  Reminding me that I am God’s handiwork, his masterpiece, his creation made to be uniquely me.

Which is the second reason I chose a butterfly to be permanently inked on my being.  Sometimes I forget who I am.  Or I get stuck being who I was. My tattoo reminds me that change is good.

But change is scary isn’t it?  Moving On.  Starting New.  Letting Go.  Frightening in concept, even more so in reality.  Sometimes change is necessary.  Leaving an abusive situation.  Letting go of someone who has died.  Conquering addictions.  Sometimes change is challenging.  Promotions.  New Ventures.  Daring to be who you always wanted to be.  Sometimes change is a lot of work.  Change of patterns.  Habits.  Routines.  Beliefs.

Changing circumstances happens quite often and we embrace it quite quickly.  But when it comes to changing ourselves it takes a while to get going, and even longer to get others on board.

I look at my tattoo a lot lately.  I am changing again.

When I decided on my tattoo I was literally becoming a new person.  I have a few friends who knew me in high school and in college and I think they can attest to a real change in me. But change isn’t always so drastic.

I am changing again.  But this time the metaphor is different and I think it might be time for sone new ink.  I’ll tell you about it after I get it done.

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