A Girl Out Of Time

Emma Stone in Gangster Squad -02

I’m pretty sure I was born in the wrong decade.  This weekend I took myself on a date to see Gangster Squad and I am even more convinced that I am a girl living in the wrong era.  I’m not exactly sure what it is about the 1950’s that calls to me, but it does.  There was so much more colour to life, there was so much more class in the people.  What we consider necessary was utter luxury. SO much tension existed between good and evil.  Life was slower, but change was fast.



I probably shouldn’t but I also love the myth of the mob.  When bad guys wore ties and looked and sounded so much like the good guys it was hard to tell them apart.  I really enjoyed this movie because of it’s characters.  Brolin and Gosling did a magnificent  job of being the good guys, Brolin so sure of what is right and wrong and hell-bent on making sure everyone sees it his way.  Gosling knowing he’s surrounded by shady characters but not wanting to stir the pot, not wanting to put his neck on the line….that is until he can no longer deny the devil.  A deliciously cooked typical gangster plot.  With deliciously dressed cops ‘n’ robbers….swoon.  A movie full of characters and gun fights and deals done in the dark- just the way I daydream them.



Not to mention the fashion and the hairstyles of the women.  I would take the style of the 50’s over skinny jeans and spanx any day.  Of course to dress in the style of the 50’s that I love I would have to have been a high end call girl…….but that’s beside the point.  Even the simpler fashions are pleasing to me; not the patterns of the fabrics so much but the cut of the clothes and the simple accessories and the time consuming hairstyles.  I would have been at the diner in my poodle skirt and bobby socks, rocking a long ponytail, swirling on the dance floor to the sound of big bands, getting from place to place on my roller skates, ending my day with the Tonight Show while my hair was in pin curlers. Dreaming of being Marilyn or Elizabeth and meeting Frank or James.

I was made for those days….I’m sure of it.

One Comment on “A Girl Out Of Time

  1. Amanda, have you talked with anyone who was a teen in the 50s? Ask them how comfortable the hairstyles were or the clothes. Oh, and if you would like to see some of those fashions or items from the 50s try the website “Etsy” and look under Vintage. There are a lot of wonderful things. I keep going for another look almost every day. lol Isn’t it funny how often we can imagine ourselves in another time or place. I love the time of Miss Marple or Poirot in Britain. I love the fashions and the seemingly simpler, kinder way of life portrayed.

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