Eat your Veggies

Moving more and eating well are on our agenda for 2013.  We’re working on becoming a family that spends less time in front of the TV and more time being active. I would say moving more is the easy part.  Eating well however is not  something that comes naturally to me, I do the best I can, but recently I read this great quote; “Get fit in the gym, lose weight in the kitchen.’ and losing weight is on my personal agenda for the year, so I’m trying to step up to the challenge. 


I bought this cookbook because of it’s wonderfully chocolatey recipes and have been finding all kinds of gems.  Sweet potatoes have re-surfaced in our home since Lukas’s arrival and this time the kids let me know that they like them as well, so I’ve been trying to remember to incorporate them into our diet.  We’ve been working on eating more fruits and veggies, but the kids, (and the adults), have grown tired of having their veggies steamed which is about as far as my expertise goes. 

ImageSo I tried this new recipe for sweet potato biscuits.  I waited for a day that Nick was home so I could focus on the cooking, but as usually happens everyone NEEDED me the entire time I was preparing the meal.  When I’m cooking something that I know it’s not a big deal but if i’m trying a new recipe, well let’s just say it leads to some adventures, and this was no exception.  The recipe calls for one cup of mashed sweet potatoes, but I was distracted at that point in the recipe and added TWO ENTIRE sweet potatoes.  I had no idea how to recoup the recipe except to keep adding flour until the dough was workable and so I did.  Everyone liked the biscuits still, (score), but I am curious how they’re really supposed to taste.  We’ll try them again for sure.

When it comes to food the thought of trying something creative is almost paralyzing for me.  There are so many foods that I have never tasted, even more that I’ve never cooked.  I don’t know what’s in season, which spices to choose, I really don’t even know what should go on a plate together! Partner that with a very limited grocery budget and the creative juices tend to move slower than molasses in January.  

However, if I want to lose weight and help our family eat better I’m going to have to give it a try. I think it’s the urban definition of insanity to try the same thing and expect a different result, a theory proving true on my waistline.  I’m intrigued by the whole food, real food movement and trying to get processed foods out of our kitchen.  A practice which takes more resources and will require a total makeover in the way I handle food planning, shopping and preparing.  Quite a challenge for me.

ImageI also cooked the broccoli a different way for us, in the oven with garlic then tossed with parmesan.  It was yummy.  Paired it up with one of our fave meats, slow cooker marinated flank steak, and it was a very yummy meal.  My presentation could use a little work….maybe we’ll put that on next year’s agenda.

This week I learned you can try something new, paired with something old, and it’s progress! 

How do you like to get creative in the kitchen?

2 Comments on “Eat your Veggies

  1. Oh Amanda, you are not the only one who does not know what spice is good for what food. I haven’t really had the opportunity to get very creative with meals since John can’t eat everything. I have had to keep meals simple.
    We are on low sodium and salt, which is good for you anyway. Most of our meals are meat, potatoes, rice, etc and veggies. We both like different veggies so that can be a bit of a pain but not a big one. There are a lot of ways to cook potatoes that I found on Pinterest Recipes. I pinned them and check them out every week.
    Good to see you guys are working at eating healthy. Will keep my eyes open for healthy recipes. Everyone can use them. Keep up the good work.

  2. Another trick is, as I heard your brother call them on his birthday, Ninja Veggies! Just grate up some and put them in the stew, a sauce, a dip, whatever! You get veggies in a form you enjoy eating already. You can tell the kids you’re having Ninja Spaghetti and they’ll have fun without knowing what Ninja really means!!
    The eating plan I have started following makes me eat some veggies I didn’t think I liked and have discovered that, mixed with another veg I do like or spiced up, they really are ok! We had roasted veggies with Parmesan the other night – absolutely delicious!

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