We like to Party.

Isabella turned 8 in March. Eight. And we had a birthday first, our first slumber party. Yes we survived, and yes, we will do it again.

I wanted to do up a post about the party right away, but so many things did not go as planned and it took me a few days to get over it and see the party through the eyes of the kids, who thought it was great.

I should have taken the cake turning out like this, as a sign that this party was not going to be going smoothly.

ImageIsabella chose a Phineas and Ferb theme for her party.  If you don’t know Phineas and Ferb you are missing out, Google it folks. Phineas and Ferb do a lot of inventing and science on the show and as I mentioned before science is not my strong suit.  Luckily Isabella asked for a Perry cake, (Perry is the boy’s pet platypus and a secret agent), Perry I understand.


Usually I act as Party Director ushering the kids from one activity to the next.  This time I used codes to say what the activities were and the girls had to break the codes in between activities.  I was a bit wordy and the girls only decoded about half of each one, but they got right into it.  It was neat to see a different girl click with each code and take charge of deciphering it.  Another great thing about the code breaking was that it gave me time to prepare the next activity and take care of Lukas, an added bonus as I ended up being the only adult. 


 The activities were pretty simple. First I had them hunt around the house for hidden Perry’s.  Since the girls were sleeping over I thought it would give them a chance to get familiar with the space, but not leave them to roam free. Then we did some more games; Pin the Tail on Perry and a few version of a memory game. I didn’t get any pics of the games.

Next we moved on to our science experiment.  I found the project on a homeschooling blog and it seemed foolproof enough.  Using the science of the Charlie Brown sno-cone machines we were going to attempt to make our own slushies, (another request from the birthday girl was slurpees).  I ran out of time during the week to test drive the experiment and just as I hypothesized it flopped.

DSC_0165The idea was that using a frozen bag of salt inside the bag of liquid, the salt would absorb the liquid’s heat.  Thus melting the frozen salt and freezing the juice.  I’m not sure what I did wrong, we’ll try it again another time, but the juice remained juice and the salt melted.  The girls were great sports and instead someone said, ‘let’s just drink the juice’.  So I served it up.  Another lesson I learned, no one drinks Kool-Aid anymore.

Next came cake and presents.  Remember what my attempt at the cake looked like?  Thankfully I know a lady who helped me take that pile of oozing undercooked cake, (don’t worry attempt #2 cooked them all the way through), turning it into this. My Aunt is responsible for all of the cake masterpieces the kids get.  It amazes me how we start off with a few cakes and get these awesome creations.  Her work at Tierful Designs is amazing, spread the word.

DSC_0173Isabella was over the moon with the end result and her friends all thought it was awesome.

We then moved onto our craft.  It was really, really simple and the girls loved it. Tie-dye coffee filters which we cut to size and put in frames from Ikea.  It took just a few seconds to do each one, but I had 100 filters and let the girls go to town creating until they were satisfied with the results. I once again underestimated the power of the simple.  I had no idea how much excitement they would get making these.  Did you know that dripping water on marker does this!

DSC_0198 - Version 2DSC_0196

Finally it was time to wind down.  The biggest tip I would give on throwing a slumber party is to base it around a movie that you can play at bedtime.  One of the girls hadn’t seen Phineas and Ferb before and she loved the movie.  The other girls had watched the show lots and knew all the characters.  I think it helped them ease into sleeping somewhere different.  Only one girl fell asleep during the movie, and everyone managed to wake her up again.  But by 12:00 all these lovely ladies were sleeping beauties. No parents were called during the making of this party.

DSC_0201In the morning we had pancakes and fruit.  The craft had to dry over night so we finished it up and then the girls asked to re-watch the movie.  Everyone left about 9:00 am and even though all the helium had escaped from the balloons on our party favours, they were they only things lacking in buoyancy.

DSC_0211This party reminded me that we truly are our own worst critics.  A couple girls kept on sneaking away to play Lego, which tempted me to think the party was boring.  The decorations arrived 90 minutes before the party started, which meant they were thrown up haphazardly and that did not sit well with my personality. The science experiment flopped, zeroing out the ‘wow factor’ moment and I only have a handful of pictures from the night.  But none of that mattered to Isabella or her friends. They all had fun, enough fun that they told their parents it was fun, and that’s how you know a party is a success.  Out of the mouths of babes, not the inner dialogue of self.

I think I got about 10 minutes of rest before we started planning the next one.  Nolan’s birthday isn’t until June but he’s already helping me plan a Supremely Superb Super Hero Soiree……stay tuned.

2 Comments on “We like to Party.

  1. You constantly amaze me! The party looked amazing and creative! I felt the same way after Nate’s but now 5 months later he’s STILL talking about it… Success I guess! Way to go Mama!

  2. You, my dear, are amazing! I would have been thrilled with such a party!
    And you get your high level of self-criticism from you mother. You have managed to get past it much earlier and much better than I!

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