Get Outta Here

ImageSpring can’t seem to decide if it wants to come out and play this year.  But our kids got tired of waiting. I am not a very outdoorsy person, but I’m working on learning to be.  So last summer we found a few walk-around-the-blocks that we do once or twice a week just to make sure we get out of the house. We paid a visit to our favourite urban woods during the warmish weather last week, to see if Spring had found it’s way there. ImageSince there isn’t any foliage we found a great tree that we could climb in.

From the biggest kid….

ImageTo the smallest kid…..



Everyone Else





I also got in the tree, but I can’t remember if I showered that week, so you’re not going to be seeing that picture.  It’s my blog and I’ll post if I want to, post if I want to….

But I’ll make up for it with these adorable pictures of Lukas relishing in the fact that he is free.


To check out the landscape….


Decide where he wants to go…


And race to see who gets there first.

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