Creative Limits


Today I am thinking about the discipline of creativity.  The words ‘creativity’ and ‘discipline’ are not usually found in the same sentence; just take a minute to consider their meanings.

Discipline: “training to act in accordance with rules”.

Creativity: “the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns and the like to create new ideas, methods, interpretations, etc.”

It would seem that discipline and creativity and contradictory MO’s.  The quote I put above is so true at our house. The Hubster never knows what kind of environment he’s walking into, my creative chaos, or the chaos of having 5 kids…..wait…..okay, so maybe he’s always walking into chaos….I digress.

School is out in 10 days, 10 days and I will have my hands full of entertaining 5 children from sun up until an hour after sundown and that leaves very little time for my personal creative endeavours.  I have several scrapbooks I was hoping to finish during the school year that still sit undone; I can count 4 projects for friends I have not yet gotten around to starting; and so many ideas from Pinterest I want to try! How will I ever get there?

That’s when I think creativity and discipline have to go together.  Creating a new method of domesticity- one where there is time to create, and the time spent being creative doesn’t negate ones domestic efforts.  Some people have craft rooms, and for a long time I thought that was the answer, simply having boundaries to keep the creative chaos under wraps.  But that does no take into account the time factor. It’s so very easy to sit down to do one project and emerge days later.

But how do you discipline the creative flow?  When inspiration strikes you can’t stick a pin in it and come back to it later.  I may or may not have written a poem on the can last week, (I wont tell!), and most of my ideas for the kids birthday parties come to me after I’ve laid down to sleep.  If I don’t start talking out loud to myself, repeating the idea until I can find some paper, or focus on the thought until i get it sketched out i lose it.  So many great ideas lost in the recesses of my subconscious.

My creativity has no discipline.  It is more of the ‘binge and purge’ variety, and we all know that’s not healthy.

So what do you think: does your creativity have discipline-and if it does how did you get it?  Does the idea of getting lost in a project keep you from getting creative?  Does creativity keep you from being disciplined?  Anyone up for a challenge to discipline their creativity this summer?

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