Card Swap

Continuing on with my thoughts from yesterday, I’ve made a few moments to be creative yesterday and today. I had a project up on my to-do list and I also happened to have all the materials on hand, so I jumped right in.

I’m not a card maker.  I usually feel like someone else could have made the card so much better and so I don’t really try.  But i’ve been pinning away on Pinterest different card designs and I was so excited to have a card making challenge come my way. 

One of my favourite LSSs (Local Scrapbook Stores), The Scrapping Turtle, is the Canadian host for the Bazzill Basic Card Swaps. This is the first card swap I’ve heard of that isn’t just a group of people I know saying; ‘hey let’s share our craftiness’.  

Here’s how it works. 



The theme of this card swap is one of Bazzill Basics’ new lines: Ambrosia.  The Scrapping Turtle has put together product packages so I didn’t have to pick and choose which products to buy I only had to choose which cardstock colours to use.  



The hardest part for me was going to be choosing a design since I don’t make cards regularly and I usually get my inspiration from the pictures I’m scrapping.  Luckily I pinned this card a few weeks ago that I was dying to try- and even better it is a tutorial! 



I cut up all the pieces I need and put the card together following the tutorial.  I made a few changes of my design, the hat pin did not make the cut. 



Then I cut out the pieces for 9 more cards.  The way a card swap works is that I’ll take 10 identical cards to The Scrapping Turtle and when the swap ends they will mail me back one of my cards and nine others that were submitted by others.  I only had to come up with one idea, copy it, and I’m going to end up with 10 original designs! 



Here’s the finished product!  I’m so excited to see what I get back when the swap is over.  It will be so inspiring to see everyone else’s designs, and to have on hand cards to give to people, which I always wish I had but never do.  

If you’re interested in joining the card swap you still have time! The deadline for submissions is July 15th.  Just go to the Main Page for the Bazzill Basics Card Swap, read the details and get crafty! 


2 Comments on “Card Swap

  1. I think Scrapping will still win over cardmaking, but I’ll keep participating in the swaps. 🙂

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