Cut From the Same Cloth



Today was the end of an era for us.  All of our girls have left kindergarten behind them.  I do my best to let each of our girls be their individual selves, but when Isabella was graduating from kindergarten I got the idea to keep this dress set aside for her sisters to wear on their graduation days as well.  I’m sure that by the time the next graduation comes along they wont humour me with the idea.

DSC_1352(rev 0)

Isabella was our first graduate.  She entered kindergarten as one of the oldest in her class.  She could already write her name when she started and took to academic things with gusto.  She liked to follow the routines and learn the songs and poems and surprised me with her grasp of math concepts.  I thought she would be our over-achieving scholar……this past year would say I was wrong.


Brooklyn entered kindergarten as one of the youngest in her class.  She knew what the letter ‘B’ looked like and that it was hers.  She saw school as a chance to socialize and find some girly girls to befriend.  She would come home telling me about who she played with and what they played.  She really didn’t seem all that interested in learning.  I figured her report cards would often have the phrases expressing her friendliness and the need to rein it in.  She left kindergarten really knowing the bare minimum in terms of reading and writing.  I thought she would be our Chatty Kathy…..this past year would again say I was wrong.

DSC_0104 - Version 2

Today Katy graduated from kindergarten.  She entered school the ever controversial December baby, (controversy as in do you wait that extra year you’re able to before starting them in school or not?).  We sent her off to kindergarten when she was three.  Kathryn has always been shy and I knew she needed a little push to get out of her sisters’ shadows.   Kathryn was blessed with the same amazing teacher for both junior and senior kindergarten.  Even though Katy didn’t know a single academic thing when she started school she is leaving kindergarten reading independently, writing a little and amazing me each day with concepts that she has grasped, (sometimes she even beats her sisters to the answer).  More than that though her teacher saw that she was shy and took the time to pull her out of her shell. Mrs. Knighton will probably never read this, but she will always be the one I will credit with giving Katy her wings.

Today Kathryn’s shyness got the best of her, she does not like to be on display.  And that may never come for her.  Some souls were created to serve behind the scenes, not fight for the limelight; to give praise, not ask for it; and I believe Katy is one of those souls.  She knows who she is and what she can do.  I think that Katy will spend next year in her cocoon….. but I’ve been wrong before.

I have never felt that I am everything my kids need to reach their potential.  I feel abundantly blessed to live in a country where my children can attend school, where other adults can see them objectively and guide me in how to help them shine.  If there is one thing I learned in Kindergarten it’s that I don’t know everything. And I’m okay with that.  It’s far better for me to let my children become who they are rather than who I think they may be.

One Comment on “Cut From the Same Cloth

  1. Loved this! Our kids can surprise us (for better or for worse!) and I am in the same boat, paying homage and respect to the kindergarten teachers who play such a role in forming these young lives. 🙂

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