“A” is for Appreciation

It’s that time again, the last chance to tell our teachers how much we appreciate everything they do.  I think about teacher appreciation gifts all year long, I really want to make sure my appreciation is expressed through something they will actually…appreciate.  This year our teacher appreciation gifts were inspired by this printable and this gift post

ImageI found these cute reusable cups, and some witty candy to express the gratitude we “mint” to convey for the “extra” work these teachers did to help our kids become “smarties”.  I was hoping they would all fit nicely in the cup but the boxes were a bit too wide.  We wedged them in there pretty good though so I think they’ll actually make it to the teacher’s desk. 



I know that things are just things, even when they’re all wrapped up in cute packaging, which is why this gift really wouldn’t be complete without some thoughtful words, and even though I like to write, (and snuck a note from myself in there too), I knew the girl’s words were the right ones to finish the gift.

ImageIt amazes me how this girl would have given her left arm to get out of completing any assignment this year, but she would have walked to school all by herself in a blizzard, barefoot, uphill both ways because she just had to be there. 



She started the first grade knowing maybe 5 sight words and tonight she read the word ‘glacial’ properly without any help from me, (and she pronounced Buenos as in Aires, on the second try).  When we sat down to write these thank-yous she did it all by herself without asking for help or getting distracted.  The change in her is astounding. 



I told you about Katy’s journey here, and she continues to grow each day. 

We really love our teachers!


And our bus drivers too.  (Seriously could use some input here though- what do you give bus drivers?)



Lukas also demands that you know he was here too.  He pounded on his tray until I turned to take his picture, and this is his posing face. 



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