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Behind the Times

We took a fabulous family vacation to DisneyWorld in January 2012.  When we got back I collected all the photos taken by our family camera, my brother’s family camera, my parent’s iPhones, and we purchased the Photopass CDs with pictures taken by Disney Parks photographers.  (Sidenote: If you’re trying to decide whether or not to do the Photopass on your Disney Trip, I vote go for it. It has been worth every dollar for us.)  

I told my mom I would like to make her a scrapbook album of our trip and had her send me her memorabilia to include.  (Sidenote: Mom it’s all still here safe and sound.)  At the time my plan was to send her the album for her birthday in March 2012.

When I came up with the idea I did not realize that I was going to have 3500 photos.  Nor did I realize just how crazy life with 5 kids was going to be!

I’ve got a handle on the 5 kids, (Sidenote: do not confuse ‘got a handle’ with ‘have control’) but those 3500 photos are still dogging me.


Then I remembered I have an ace up my sleeve.  A while ago I found Big Picture Classes, it’s an online collection of virtual classes all about scrapbooking.  Some of the classes have specific start dates, some of them are completely self-paced.  Some are free, some are not. Some of them have challenges with prizes attached to them, some simply inspire your creative spirit.  I’ve taken classes about journalling, techniques and I join the Creative Crop days simply for an opportunity to win some prizes.

I receive emails about the new class offerings and one day last month they had just what I needed; a class called “Mulit-Photo Solutions”.  The perfect solution to a 3500 photo project.  Several templates and strategies for thinning out that pile of pictures have made the task much less daunting.  The class is only 4 weeks long, this being the last week, and I just finished the first assignment on Tuesday, oy! Thankfully I will have access to all the class content forever now and as other students finish assignments, (Sidenote: So thankful I’m not the only one still on Week One!) and post their work I receive fresh inspiration.

One day I’ll catch up on my scrapbooking projects.  Although I confess I’m in no rush.  I scrapbook because I enjoy the downtime, the warm cup of tea, paper in my fingers, a smile on my face from memories recalled.  But every now and then a swift kick in the pants is appreciated- especially when someone’s been waiting almost two years to receive this particular gift!

(Sidenote: Mom, it’s coming with us FINISHED in  August, pinky promise).

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