This Used to be My Playground

It’s hard to believe that the first half of our vacation is already over, the last five days have flown by at a tremendous rate.  There’s something about Regina that always makes Nick feel like we should move back out West…quite possibly the same things that make me feel sure that we should not.

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that our vacation began on Sunday morning with Police at the front door as an unknown gunshot victim decided to bleed out on my brother’s front porch….(you can’t make this stuff up)…. (oh and he made it to the hospital and will be fine).  Or the fact that the Bible College which called my family out here in 1989 is now being leased off piece by piece to all kinds of organizations.  Maybe it’s because the city looks nothing like it did a decade ago, or that I didn’t bump into one person that I even kind of recognized from high school while out shopping or that the cool summer weather decided on a whim to prove that hell has indeed NOT frozen over.

None of these reasons make me miss this city. But folks are always saying that home is where your heart is and there is definitely a piece of our heart here.


The kids had a blast at VBS where kids STAND STRONG for God.  I was worried on Monday when I found Brooklyn huddled under a table crying because she didn’t know anyone and felt very shy.  I shouldn’t have worried since by Friday they were all crying because they didn’t want to leave.  The volunteers helped them feel right at home, they learned much and had an awesome time.  Definitely the best vacation plans I’ve ever made.


The big girls learned to do some archery… and would love to have more practice.


The littles spent time chilling with their new cousins.


And the grown ups spent time doing fun things like playing video games late into the night and dying ones hair purple.


The kids all fell asleep grateful for the week we’ve had here with family and friends and very sad that we are leaving in the morning.  It’s always hard to leave family, but it’s also nice to be home and tomorrow we start the long trek back East,  this time taking a much more leisurely pace.


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