Pixie Dust

So I’m on this journey of becoming more structured and routined and disciplined. And like I mentioned in my last post, the beginning of new things often falls into the time-suck category, (which is why I’ve been away so long!).  I am not naturally a routine or structure person.  I much prefer to go-with-the-flow, doing what I feel to do instead of sticking to a program or agenda. I am a verbal processor and I’ve been trying to figure out how to tie together the things I’m taking in from a variety of sources.  When I realized I was talking to an empty room…..again…I thought why not use this blog to just think out loud!

There are a lot of chores in life right now.  I don’t mean life feels like a chore, which I get but is another thing entirely, I mean literally life is FULL of chores.  There is so much laundry; and the dishes never end; and my toddler touches and moves everything in the house. The floors all need a good washing; I can actually see the handprints on the walls and…….

You totally get the idea.  And I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say you’ve felt it too.  Every now and then life becomes too chore-filled for me and I’m tempted to give up.  Too much of all things mundane gets boring and I don’t like being bored.

When I was researching our family trip to Disney in 2011 I stumbled upon an amazing book.  I was looking for a good biography on Walt Disney and instead I found; “Inside the Magic Kingdom” by Tom Connellan.  After I read this book the first time I was inspired immensely.  It spoke directly to one of my life’s goals- not just surviving, but thriving; not just living life, but living life abundant.


Every time that life gets too full of chores I pick this book up again.  If you’re looking for ways to add some “extra” to your “ordinary”, this just might be a book for you.  The basic plot is a group of businessmen who get a behind-the-scenes tour of DisneyWorld where they learn the principles Disney uses to be successful in customer satisfaction.  Every time I read this book it re-inspires me to pick up the mop and the vacuum, bake a new recipe, maybe finally create that chore checklist for the kids….

I know that I’m not the only one who likes to add a little Disney magic to their lives and I was blessed to receive this in my email inbox today:

“If you’ve been around me for even 10 minutes you know I love me some Disney World. One of my favorite attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the Disney Junior show.

When you enter the auditorium, the first thing you’ll notice is no chairs. You have to sit on the floor with your kids. Not kids in the front, grown ups in the back. Not adults chairs. Everyone on the floor together.

Then, a live host enters and introduces everyone to puppet versions of the kids’ favorite Disney Junior tv characters. In each segment, kids and families were singing along, dancing around, shouting out words at the appropriate times and even playing guessing games. We were, of course, rewarded with bubbles and gold doubloons falling from the ceiling!

I looked around at all the families snuggling together, dads singing songs about pirates and stuffed animals with their kids, moms shining with pride as their child calls out the correct answer and kids enjoying time with their parents–and I thought, “This is it!”

This is what the church should do! This is what I want to do! I want to sit around with my kids, have exciting adventures, learn songs, tell stories and enjoy each other—but I want to do it focusing on God’s Word!

I wish we could have been sitting on the ground singing songs about Jesus, shouting out the answers to Bible stories and making memories around God’s Word! It didn’t make me feel weird about celebrating Doc McStuffins or Sofia the First instead of the Lord, it just reminded me in a very clear way how I can influence my kids. I can lead them to Jesus. I can use puppets, songs, stories, dancing–even bubbles and silly games to impress God’s Word on their hearts.

So, take a lesson from Disney. They’ve spent a lot of money on market research! 😉Notice what your kids like and use that to teach them about Jesus!”

That little nugget is from another Amanda you can find online where she writes about homeschooling and teaching her kids about God. Her newsletter this week speaks to the heart of “Inside the Magic Kingdom” where each character in the story is invited to watch the corporation at work and see how they can translate that into their companies, (or in my case home), raising the bar on how they treat employees and co-workers, (which is kinda what a family is.) not so they can be praised, but so everyone feels like a valued contributor. Where experiences are magical because they reach their audience on a very personal level.

Whether you’re a Disney fanatic or not I hope the blog this week will sprinkle some pixie dust on you and add a little magic to your days.  (and maybe all our houses will get a little cleaner in the process.)


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