Read the Fine Print

I love details.  There’s something exciting to me about details.  Parties are a great time to dwell on details and this week we celebrated a birthday party.  I think everyone expends energy on details, but we also miss a lot.   The second lesson we can learn from Disney is about paying ‘fantastic’ attention to detail.


Like making sure this image was on her birthday cake.  We found it while searching around online, and it was only deliverable in the States, but that is what she wanted so I figured out how to make it happen.


Decorations are a detail I can’t forget.  I love creating the ambience to go with the party.  There are a lot of parties I don’t throw because I can’t figure out how to get my space to set the mood I want it to, or how to get the decorations to cover up the fact that it’s still our home and not wherever it was I wish to transport us to.  Honestly kids don’t care what colour the plates are or if the balloons are following a colour scheme.  But it all has to match for me.
DSC_0072And the activities have to fit.  iCarly is a web show where the kids basically do improv, so we played Charades and Pictionary, a little dress-up and some dancing.  We laughed and were loud for two solid hours, barely taking the time to eat.  It was high-energy, a little spastic… which, to me at least, is iCarly in a nutshell.

Like I said I love details.  When they’re about fun things.  Planning parties, buying gifts for people, finding just the right words for an encouraging note.  Things I know people will notice, details that may very well lead to recognition.

But when it comes to the details of everyday life, I forget their importance.  Something on my ‘party-to-do-list’ is always clean the house. And I don’t mean a quick tidy kinda clean.  When we moved the couch to make enough room for the party guests today I found a pool of spilt juice, which was obvious when I noticed the trail of ants coming to and fro.  This was a detail I missed, probably for days, because there are so many mundane details I forget to pay attention to. (I’m considering making 2014 the ‘Year of the Party’ so the house will be clean on a regular basis….)

I’m pretty sure it’s the details that make DisneyWorld so appealing.  I mean why else would someone choose to stand in line for hours, or listen to ‘Its a Small World’ more than once, or consider buying a $12 balloon.  Yet when I was there I kept getting lost, totally immersed in the land of make belief.  I wanted nothing more than to know what was going on behind the walls where they were building New Fantasyland, to see the reality of the Imagineer’s drawings- knowing that what is created will be what they dreamed.  It’s all the little details, turning fantasy into reality, that make a little girl look like this while waiting to see Belle in a parade and finally meet her.  The fact that Belle is a drawing completely escapes her.


If I paid attention to the details of the mundane the way I pay attention to the details of a party, how much more fun could life be?  How much more laughter would there be?  How much more peace?  How much more bonding?  I know that one of the keys to running the household of a big family is staying organized, and the more organized I am the more we enjoy life. But it gets wearisome so quickly.  To be the one in charge of the details is exhausting.  To have to think of the million little things behind the big thing is a huge responsibility.  DSC_0118

(I’m tempted to say: ‘Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That’.)

When the Imagineers are coming up with a new project they begin with a planning session, like most anyone, but they call them a ‘Sky’s The Limit Session’.  How cool is that?  Their job is to start with the dreams, then they walk backwards from the big picture to the smallest detail. And by paying ‘fantastic’ attention to those details they make dreams come true.

Right now we’re in a  ‘Sky’s The Limit’ phase of life.  Who knows what our 5 children will grow up to be?  How many more houses may we call home?  How many more family vacations will we take?  How many knew things will we experience?  There are millions of possibilities for the days to come. As the Domestic Goddess in my house, and the Special Activities Planner, and Wearer of All the Hats, I’m beginning to think it could be so neat if I started to see all the little things I do each day as the details of making dreams come true.


I’m a dreamer, and I dream big things for our family.  By paying ‘fantastic’ attention to the details I go from being a dreamer to becoming a creator, (which only makes sense as I’m made in the image of The Creator, and I know there isn’t a detail that escapes His attention).

Details are important, whether you’re creating Disney or the Universe, planning a party or writing the grocery list, and all we have to do to make everyday fantastic is pay attention.

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