Worth 1,000 Words

As the end of the year draws near I get to reflecting.  It always begins with trying to figure out what to say in my Christmas Letter, (yup I write those).  Trying to figure out how to sum up the happenings of 365 days is quite a task.  Do I focus on the new things?  The exciting things?  Do I want people to have a highlight reel, or know more of our reality?  Do I want it to be about stats or memories?  Have I already told everyone everything anyway? (Which is a new thing to consider since Facebook didn’t exist when I started writing these letters.)

Somewhere along the way inspiration strikes and I am always amazed at what I end up with.  Somehow the mundane events of everyday life are encouraging and thought-provoking and I see the truth in the small things being important.


For some reason after my Christmas letter is written I start to judge the previous year.  Would I consider 2013 a success?

We got the photos from our annual family photo shoot yesterday and so this process has begun.  I like looking at our family, into those eyes, (that never look that way on my camera).  I usually choose which pictures I will be using in our cards and start writing what they make me feel or think about.

Will our Christmas letter be goofy this year?


Or reveal our more serious side?


Just kidding, you can’t cover up our true colours.


Will I claim 2013 was a success?  And if I do, what will I judge it’s success by?  Accomplishments and milestones?  The fact that we could all laugh together for this photo shoot? And if I don’t will it be because of all the bribery that came between these photos? Or the fact that the children are getting slimmer and the adults are not?

I’ve only just begun considering this year’s Christmas letter and reflecting on 2013 so I’m not quite sure where my mind will wander.  So many thoughts jump into my head just by these few photos, (which will not be the ones on our Christmas card). They say a picture is worth 1,000 words- I’ve got about 50,000 words to choose from.


Photos courtesy of Jaime at http://www.inmyviewphotography.ca

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