Disney 2012

When I started this project I thought it would take me 2-4 months to complete.  I quickly learned that my estimated timeline was way off.  Almost 24 months later, I finally finished this project and now that my mom has it in her hands I can share it with you! This was the first time I had made a gift album for someone that included pictures and events that I had participated in.  In the past my gift albums were templated pages for the recipient to add their pictures to, or photos of people and events I had no intimate knowledge of.  I left lots of space for my mom to add her own journalling, (or if she isn’t as wordy as me, she can put more pictures there!).  I made sure to include pictures of her and my dad and things they did without the rest of us.  I know it was a special trip partly because she was sharing it with her grandkids, but I didn’t want to make them the focus.  I also tried to create a mix of uniform pages and eclectic ones.  I wanted to string all the different parks together, but keep them unique at the same time.  I know my mom is enjoying this album, and I hope you do too!

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One Comment on “Disney 2012

  1. I do love the album! And can’t wait to go back with everyone – maybe for a little longer too! There were a few things I missed (hahahaha – just a ‘few’!)

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