Be It Resolved.

It’s that proverbial time of year for new beginnings.  Taking stock of what’s important, where our resources have been going, setting goals, charting courses, making new paths.  It can be such a rewarding time, but also so completely overwhelming.  How do I decide if I was successful last year?  How do I know what direction to point myself in?  How do I choose/set good goals?  How do I know if I’m clearly seeing what’s important?

After one sets their goals or charts their course a new question arises; one that, in my opinion, is even harder to answer- by what will I measure my success?  How do I properly discern if I need a kick in the pants or a pat on the back?  What are the landmarks of progress?  Am I even being fair to myself?

Personally, if I’m being totally honest, I only find reason to be dissatisfied with myself or where I’m at in life when I try to live up to the expectation that I should, (and can), have ‘it all’.  Admittedly I don’t even know what ‘it all’ is.  Just that I can’t honestly think I have it, because enough people have told me that no one can.

I don’t think that perspective is healthy, or even personal.  Your ‘it all’ may be completely different from my ‘it all’.  Yet because I am a woman, as soon as I try and decipher what my ‘it all’ is, I am going to compare it to yours.

Are there things in my lifestyle that are dissatisfactory to me, absolutely.  But that fact in itself is satisfying.  If I was happy to be where I am, right as I am, then I would be stagnant.  Scripture promises that I will be on a path toward perfection my whole life.  That there will always be somewhere to grow until the day I die.

In the past I’ve written resolutions and set goals, but I never really obtain them.  I get bored.  It gets too hard.  I get distracted.  On December 31st it feels like just yesterday was January 2nd.  (Seriously how can the days be so long and the weeks so short!).  This year I am attempting a new perspective.  This year I am using a new yardstick to measure my progress.

My goal in 2014 is to bring glory to God.

In my actions, words, thoughts, attitudes, choices, decisions and priorities- I will be constantly asking myself if what I am doing brought glory to God today.  I will be able to look back at the end of the year and know the answer to that question- to see the growth- because I will change.  It’s a promise.  God promises that when we spend quality time with Him it WILL change us.

Maybe the change will be a smaller waistband as I glorify God by treating my body as a temple.

Maybe the change will be renewed energy and passion as I am filled with the joy of being a servant.

Maybe the change will be less noticeable bags under my eyes as I learn to let go of my stress and worries.

Maybe the change will be more peace in our home as peace fills my heart.

Maybe the change will be all of those.  Maybe the change will be none of them, but rather things I haven’t even thought of.

The thing about this new perspective is that it’s not about me.  It’s not about my handwork to accomplish goals I decided on.  It’s not about persevering through trials because I resolved to.  This perspective isn’t about getting from Point A to Point B as efficiently as I can. This new perspective is uncharted, (by me at least), this perspective is about where I am right now and what I am doing right now.  It’s not about 365 days down the road, it’s about today.

New Years Resolutions stress me out.  I don’t know anyone who sets a goal and is happy to not reach it.  I can’t think of many people who are free from self-induced stress to be more, to be “better”.  So this year instead of making a resolution I am changing my perspective.

I feel different already.

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