When the Weather is Frightful

We’re under a snowfall advisory, the winds are blustery, and even my most avid winter adventurist only lasted 15 minutes outside today.  Inside isn’t much better what with our Tornado Two-year-old careening around the house and destroying everything in his path.  These are the moments that make me panic.  What am I going to do, how am I going to keep 5 children with such varying degrees of abilities entertained?

Enter Valentines Day.

For the past few years I’ve tried to talk the girls into letting me make Valentines with them, but they have chosen the boxed cards with the popular characters instead, (and really who is going to argue with that $2 price tag when you have 5 classes to cover?)  This year they agreed to let me indulge my crafty side, utilize the Rainbow Loom that Santa brought them, and get our DIY on.


Michaels had a sale on their Rainbow Loom elastics, (I think it’s still on for $2.99/600) and I chose just a few colours to maximize the sale. I made 80 bracelets and didn’t use up any of the colours, and only one and a 1-1/2 bags of the white ones.  The kids are still going to make more intricate bracelets for their teachers, so we’ll come close to using up the lot I bought which was 8 bags, (4 white and 1 of each colour). These are fishtail bracelets, super easy, you can do them or your kids can do them on their own.

DSC_0081I have absolutely no skills at making printables of any kind, so I borrowed the template for these from this blog.  I had some cardstock in my scrapping supplies and all I had to do was print and cut, thank you Pinterest community for sharing your skills.

DSC_0076To make sure we don’t miss anyone the kids pull out their class photos and make sure there is one for each friend.  (Bonus if you have new spellers- the names are right on the photo.)

DSC_0082We slid on the bracelets and now all these lovely gifts are ready for the giving next week.  DSC_0083I know that Valentines Day can often be seen as an over-commercialized spending trap, but I really enjoy taking the time with my kids to make small gifts for their classmates.  Taking time for people is a pretty great way to spend a snow day.


PS: Give the toddler a scrap to colour on and he is as happy as a clam, for 30 seconds at least.

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