Pinup Girl

I let you all in on my love of pinning in the fall.  When I wrote that post I had pinned roughly 2,000 images and now, just about 6 months later, I have just over 3,000 pins.  I think that number may even grow tonight….  

This week I thought to myself that it would be neat to keep track of all the pins I actually take the time to create/use.  Of course I thought this on a week where everything I tried from Pinterest turned out to be a smashing success.  We shall see if I feel the same after a week of failed attempts.  


I am hopeless in the kitchen.  Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration because I keep on going back in and trying again.  But you know those people that can burn water?  That’s me.  I have no skills.  I have even less knowledge.  But ever since I watched this movie I have actually wanted to try to learn.  I got all fired up about maybe going to culinary school.  Not to be a chef, but to walk into a grocery store and see what’s on sale and know what it can become.  But I digress.  

My kids have been choosing sandwiches and cereal over dinner lately and their lunches have been coming home sort of eaten.  They are bored, bored, bored with their food.  And I am stressed, stressed, stressed about what to feed them.  Which led to my first “pintempt”.  

I needed a good dinner.  Something that would fill us all up.  I had most of the ingredients for this in the house.  Let me tell you, if you are looking for a comfort food, look no further.  This was amazing.  Image


This is not a picture from my house, or the blog I found the recipe on, but it is a picture of Loaded Baked Potato Soup.  Everyone loved this.  All of our kids ate it.  I was hoping for left overs for lunch the next day, we ate the entire crock pot full in one meal. And I will make it again this week.  My mouth is already watering.  Pinterest win #1.  

Isabella’s birthday was on the docket for this week’s special events.  Our plans had been for a Despicable Me party and I went all out pinning things.  Then we had one of those months in which parenting kinda sucks, and she ended up losing the right to have a birthday party.  I was kinda bummed cuz I had pinned these great cupcakes.



We wanted to make sure Bella knew the punishment was missing out on a birthday party, not missing out on celebrating her birthday. So we had a family day and made her cupcakes anyway.  Here’s what mine turned out like…. 



Pretty close, let’s call it Pinterest win #2. 

But, the creme de la creme of my “pintemps” was this. When I looked at those cupcakes above all I saw was sugar.  And my kids don’t really have a sweet tooth.  So serving them a snack full of sugar would have lead to a lot of wasted efforts.  I started searching around for different icing recipes, since that is usually the sweetest part.  The story written about this recipe, and the language of the recipe made me curious.  What exactly does it look like when brown sugar “drops like a hair from spoon”?  



I followed this recipe to a T, (or at least as close as my limited knowledge allowed me to).  I enlisted my hubby to whip the egg whites, (note to self: the kids will be buying me a Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas) and I worked myself into a paranoid tizzy about burning the brown sugar while waiting for it to: “drop like a hair from spoon”.  I managed to not burn the brown sugar, but the icing did end up with a smoky flavour, something to work on for next time.  It really does have a marshmallowy texture and taste.  Not too sweet at all.  Apples are at the top of my grocery list this week so I can enjoy dipping them in what’s left.  Again my mouth is already watering.  

This week was a great Pinterest-in-the-kitchen week.  If you think you’d like these, totally try them, cuz if I can do it- you totally can too!  

I’m already curious about what I’ll be trying next week….how about you.  Do you Pin?  What have you created off of your Pinterest boards lately?  

2 Comments on “Pinup Girl

  1. I too like to pin. after reading your latest blog I am going to try recipes I have pinned. don’t worry, you aren’t the only one who feels frustrated in the kitchen. but I will give it a try this week.

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