Pinspired Partay!

This past week was one of Pin-spired party-ing.  Our church’s midweek Kidz Club wrapped up on Wednesday and we had hoped to finish the year with a campfire to make S’mores.  The weather had other plans and we were rained out.  Pinterest to the rescue!!



I had seen a few pins for S’more bars as a wedding trend, and thought that could totally work.  We were nowhere near as fancy, we simply put some Sterno pots on the tables, used some bamboo kebob skewers, the traditional graham crackers and giant marshmallows, and some thin chocolates, (the gold foil coins that kids love).  Most of the kids just at the pieces separately- most of the younger kids were grossed out by the burnt marshmallows, it’s a new generation I’m dealing with- where they’d rather eat apple slices than S’mores, (I don’t ever remember choosing apples over S’mores when I was a kid).  I also didn’t get any pictures!  I was too busy handing out ingredients and keeping the older kids from lighting things on fire.  Fun was had by all, and it’s an idea in the quiver to reuse in future years.

Our daughter Isabella had asked if we could watch The Pirate Fairy for our next family movie night.  I immediately said yes, because I started thinking of pirate swords and it would be the perfect excuse to use the set of kebob skewers I got my husband from the Grand Bazaar when I was in Istanbul.  Then I saw this pin:



AndI knew what I wanted to do for dessert.  Pirate Strawberry Shortcake Swords.  Our day got away from us and so I cut a few corners.  First, we didn’t do kebobs for dinner.  We ended up eating some quick M&M Meat Shop Chicken Chunks, California Style Veggies and Potato Medley for dinner.  It was delish!  While dinner was cooking the kids coloured the “table cloth”.  I had spread some paper on the table and stamped all over it with a Stampin’ Up set, ‘Ahoy Matey’, (which is discontinued).




Everybody got into the colouring.  Then Lukas got impatient and scribbled over everyone’s artwork.  Initially I planned on hanging it on the wall for a while, but when we got to dessert things got messy!

Remember those beautiful Strawberry Shortcake Swords I pinned up above?  Suffice to say I should not have cut the corners I did.  I opted for a pre-made angel food cake in place of the biscuits.  They weren’t strong enough to hold anything in place.  Strawberries- thankfully you cannot mess those up.  For the whipped cream, I had seen a pin along the lines of this:


You know, where you spread the whipped cream out on the cookie sheet, freeze it and then cut out your pristine shape and float it in your cocoa?  Apparently I should have read the accompanying post….. cuz it did not work out that way.  Basically we ended up eating angel food cake and strawberries on our skewers, and then spoonfuls of whipped cream off a cookie sheet.  Total Pinterest fail, and yet still incredibly fun!


 I still haven’t made any progress on changing my Christmas mantle.  So many pins, so little time!

Anyone else attend/throw a pin-spired party this week?

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