Pickin up the P”Inspiration”!

It’s Friday! I kinda fell off the edge of the earth for a little bit, and what better way to re-enter the blogosphere than with a P”Inspired” post.  This week’s post features our end-of-year teacher thank you gifts.

The budget was tight and our kid’s teachers are amazing.  I was stuck for quite a while as I tried to figure out a gift to equal the contribution they had made, nothing was coming to mind, I was totally stumped.  I thought of using the fallback of repeating last year’s gifts, but we had some of the same teachers from last year, and really how many plastic tumblers can one person need?  At the eleventh hour I decide it was better to say a little thanks than no thank you at all and so armed with the $20 I had in my pocket and my Pinterest account I accepted my mission.

First, I tackled the gifts for our main classroom teachers.  These 4 ladies are fantastic.  They helped a jumping  bean learn to sit still, a struggling reader advance 10 reading levels, a rusher-so-I-can-always-be-first is being trained to accept that doing your best is more important, and the attitude transformation in my eldest was nothing short of a miracle.  I know these ladies didn’t just help my kids but the 80 kids between them were all blessed by their dedication, how do you say thank you for that?

I jumped off of this pin:

teacher gift


This particular pin is just an image which means I needed to create the printable, and so I changed the words a bit:



Then I gathered my supplies:


I had the scrapbooking paper on hand as well as the curly ribbon.  I purchased the little jars that have magnets on the bottom at Walmart for $2 a piece and picked up 2 small bags of M&Ms for $6 (and I only used 1 full bag and a bit from the other). I struggled a bit with how to package them, but finally figured it out:


There are also 3 EAs in our kid’s classrooms.  They do not work directly with our kids, but these women influence all the children in the classroom.  Our EAs in particular are super friendly, made the kids bunches of rainbow loom bracelets, and at least once a week our kids had a story of how one of the EAs had made their week better.  Again, how does one adequately say thanks!

I jumped off this pin:

ea gift 2014

I had to change the words a bit as my kids’ names didn’t match up the way they do here, but that’s not hard to do.  I also was lucky enough to find Crayola Scentsation markers on sale at Walmart and so stayed in my budget, score!


Such a little gift, but it’s hard for this go-big-or-go-home girl to do the little things, but I needed to remind myself a little thanks is better than no thanks at all.

I thought I was done, but my kids also LOVE their bus drivers.  It’s a relationship I do not fully understand, but these guys definitely deserve some thanks too! While I was walking the aisles begging for some inspiration of what to give their bus drivers, (and honestly I don’t even know their names), all sorts of cheesy candy-gram style messages came to me.  And then I saw these, and for only $2 a bag;


Then I let my cheesy self go wild:

                         DSC_0112 DSC_0111


A little thanks, that I hope, goes a long way to show our teachers how much we appreciate them.  How about you?  Any year-end P”Inspired” thank yous at your house this year?

One Comment on “Pickin up the P”Inspiration”!

  1. Amanda, you always come up with the most interesting and fun gifts for your kids’ teachers and others. I am sure they will be very pleased with your thoughtfulness.

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