Summer {UN}Bummer

If you know me in real life you know that I hate summer.  As in capital H-A-T-E, hate summer.  When it’s -30 and everyone is talking about hibernating and vacays to warm destinations, I am on Cloud 9.  Conversely when it’s +30 and everyone is uber excited about catching some rays, lazing by the poolside, and grilling all their foods- I want to find a root cellar and settle in for a long summer’s nap.  I hate summer.

My children do not share my feelings.

So I try to like summer. Last year we went for a year-end dinner at East Side Mario’s and made one of those trendy bucket lists.

DSC_0085 DSC_0066


It didn’t really work for us.  A few of the ideas were put on the list by me and the Hubster cuz we already knew our vacation plans.  But most of the unique ideas never happened.  A few of them required some moola we didn’t have, but more it was because I was just annoyed and in my dark summer place and who wants to create spontaneous fun when you feel like that?  (Having trouble relating? Think January. Think -30.  Yeah, there you go.)

Summer brings selflessness to a whole new level for me, and last year taught me I needed a new plan. Enter the spunky redhead, whom I met several months before I realized she would inspire our summer plans.

We watched this movie on Netflix a handful of times and enjoyed it.  Heather Graham will definitely not be nominated for an Oscar for her appearance, but there’s BigFoot and innocent kid-style antics, and Steve Erkel as a grown-up, so it gets a few stars.

Then one day the kids were tearing apart the house looking for their ‘special’ notebooks and asking if they could borrow the highlighters from my bedside table, er I mean if there are highlighters there because we never snoop around mom’s room while she thinks we’re sweetly playing together in our room.…. but I digress.

They were making dare charts like in the movie.  At first they asked to watch the movie so they could copy Judy’s dares and then I explained that the dares are local attractions she can go to and so they could make their own with things we actually have around here.

Our Summer Saver was born.


For us, this is going to work better than a Bucket List because the Hubster and I have it all planned in advanced.  After the kids made their original charts we sat down and chose the dates for the activities around Nick’s work schedule and had time to research, for example, will there be any drive-in movies for the under 10 crowd this summer?  We also spread the events over the entire summer instead of cramming all our fun into a 10 day vacation slot.  And because I know we have some BIG summer plans happening for sure I’m turning my focus to the little things, like homemade play dough, and keeping up with our pen pal letters, and maybe even some water fun.

I really wanted to put my best foot forward this summer and so we kicked off the 2-month long event with a Dare Chart unveiling.  It was all ready and hung on the wall when they came home the last day of school and we had family movie night with the Lego Movie.


 First we coloured some lego men.


 Then we went to this website, and each child chose a challenge while dinner was being made.  Brooklyn chose the Monochromatic model challenge- building something all one colour.


 Of course, we ate tacos, (with a side of awesome sauce maybe?)


And enjoyed the movie..


 And cake.

So here’s to all those surrounded by children, struggling to make it though, to not just survive but to thrive this year, I wish you a


How do you make it through summer?  Lovers and haters alike, share in the comments! 

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