This PIN is on fire!!

It’s true that sometimes I spend my time on my iPhone taking a brain break, pinning random things that pop up on those pages.  There are also times when I go searching the internet for something specific, and then pin the perfect thing when I find it.  This week’s pin was one I searched for and used right away!

We just finished VBS at our church.  This week the kids were Secret Agents discovering the truth in the bible, learning the evidence in the stories to defend it and then deciding what to do with their new, (or re-emphasized) knowledge.  One of my tasks was the wrap up lesson where I reviewed everything we learned about Jesus, his death, and his resurrection throughout the week.  I was so stoked when I found this object lesson.  Lighting things on fire is one of my fave perks of being involved in kids ministry.

Have you ever looked at a tea bag like this?


The object lesson did warn readers that not all tea bags will work.  I had this one, and it worked great.  I also tried it on a Twinning type tea and it did not work.  So test your tea bag before you do this in real time.


The first thing we learned at VBS this week is that one of the ‘labels’ for Jesus is Son of God.


Then we learned about one of the miracles Jesus did, taking 5 loaves and 2 fish to feed 5,000 people.  We talked bout how everything Jesus did on earth was to show us that he was attached to God and God’s plan for his life, which would ultimately lead him to die on the cross.  The staple in the tea bag reminded us of Jesus’ pierced hands and feet, (but didn’t really show up in the picture.)



Next we poured the tea leaves into some hot water and talked about how the dirty water reminds us of our sins.  Jesus was sent to take all that dirtiness and pay the consequence for our sins, leaving us….


White as snow, just like the empty tea bag tube.  Now it’s important that your tea bag did not get wet, or set down on a wet surface, because if it did the fun part will not work.


Now comes the fun part, lighting it on fire!! I explained to the kids that as we continue to discover more about Jesus, defend the truth of his life and actions, and decide every day to live in the hope of that truth we will be a light for him. And at the end of our days our light doesn’t just disappear, it rises up to join Jesus at the Father’s right hand in heaven.

(I hope the video works!)  I did this lesson three times, with 3 different age groups.  Everyone loved it and wanted me to do it again.  For the kindergarten class I just relit it.  The Grade 1-2 class told me which stories went with which parts first and the Grades 3-5 retold me the steps and I ended up lighting them on fire.  I did several at once so more kids could see.

It was neat.  And hopefully serves the purpose of helping truth stick, sometimes it gets lost when us grown-ups are just talking heads.

Come back next week to see some more Pinterest wins and flops from my house to yours.

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