So, I’m trying to get into a more regular rhythm of writing and posting here on the blog and I’m trying to pick a few “themes” to write on different days of the week.  Summer Updates on Mondays, something with a little more weight on Wednesdays, and of course my Pinterest fails and fabulousness on Fridays… that’s as far as I’ve decided.  Today I’m trying on a creative feature to showcase some things I’ve created, both by myself and with the kiddos.  

My Diva had one sad spot on the end of her wonderful school year, a good friend from her class will be moving away over the holidays.  My Diva wanted to make sure she made every effort to stay in touch with her friend and so we made a little gift to take to their last playdate.  

I’ve had this box since Christmas and it struck me as just the right thing to use to create a letter writing set so that My Diva could stay in touch with her pal. 


Then we gathered up some supplies to transform it.



We used the patterned paper to cover up the parts of the box that had pictures/words on it and we just used Mod Podge to adhere the paper to the box. 


I let My Diva do it, which is hard for me as it turns out I like to do the projects not direct, but silver lining, it’s so much easier to take pictures when I’m not also doing the work!   It was a bit tricky, a great lesson in patience because the paper slid around a little bit.  But she got the hang of it.  (Side note: I’m not sure we used the right Mod Podge.  The edges started to bubble a bit, but we were doing the project totally last minute and so we hoped for the best.)



Because it was a last minute project I gathered up some things from around the house to include.  I usually have some dollar store sticker packs around, and luckily we had some unsharpened pencils and new erasers in our supply drawer.  To make the note paper we found some images that My Diva liked and cut and pasted them into a word document, printed, and cut the sheets in half so they would fit in the box.  Originally My Diva was going to colour them, but we ran out of time.  



Lastly, My Diva wrote a note to her friend letting her know how special she is and that she will be missed along with our address.  We tied it all up in a bow and My Diva was pleased as punch to take this gift to her pal, and hopefully get some correspondence in the mail! 

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