This past weekend I put on my big girl pants and went camping with the family.  I tried to write a post on Monday right after we got back to recap for our Summer Dare series, but this is all I could get:  “We were outside.  We did a lot of nothing.  It was BORING.”  I am a city girl at heart, I love to be in crowds and be part of the collective whole.  I like malls, and entertainment, and all that background noise.  My kids and husband LOVED our first camping adventure, it didn’t bore them at all, and while I may never love it, I will definitely have to learn to like it as there is sure to be lots of camping in my future.  (That being said, there will be a post on Monday about our adventures.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder after all.) 

Today, I am going to share with you the pins I was inspired by to feed us.  First up I recalled an old favourite.  I used this the first time for an Oscars’ Soiree and the kids loved all the leftovers.  I jumped off of this pin here, Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Chips.  I always forget to put in the preserves, but it holds together just fine.  

Here’s the online-staged-by-a-foodie pic:

fruit salsa 1

And here is the kids chowing down on our version pic:


It takes a bit of time to chop up all the fruit, but the chips are so easy.  Cleanup note: Line your baking sheets to make for easier cleanup, and to keep the bottoms from burning where the sugar has lumped up. 

Since this was one of our first camping experiences I wanted to try some campfire cooking.  (We also borrowed a Coleman Stove and it totally saved us).  Unfortunately, we had some fire troubles.  The wood was soaked, making for great smoke signals, not so much for cooking.  

First we tired some hobo packets.  I had seen these on several websites, pretty much any Camping Top 10 list had them.  Basically, your meat, potatoes, veg, and cheese in tinfoil.  Then place it on the grill over the fire.  The pin I was jumping off of was just a picture:


In this one they potato is shredded, and in retrospect I can see how key that is.  We kinda rushed through our dinner so it wasn’t fully cooked, (party due to fire issues), and I think shredding the potato would have helped a lot.  I chopped up all the pieces before we left town, and then let each child pick how much they wanted of each part. 



Even the L’il Man made his own. 


Then for dessert we tried these S’mores Cones.  


It was dark when we made ours so I don’t have any pictures, but the reviews were not outstanding.  Part of that was our lack of fire, the marshmallows didn’t melt which made the s’more effect absent. Part of it was that the kids were exhausted, I was actually talking the boys into staying awake while the cones were on the fire so they could try them.  

Whether these were true Pinterest fails, (except the Fruit Salsa- Pinterest win), I am undecided.  I think we will try them all again next time and then decide.


One Comment on “CamPINing

  1. Happy to see you said “next time”. Nick grew up camping. I guess the kids get their love of it from him. lol Love all the pix you posted on Facebook. Maybe next time Nick can cover the wood to keep it dry.

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