S is for Selfless

If you’ve been following the blog, you know that we’re trying out a Summer Dare Chart inspired by Judy Moody.  If you read the first post in this series you know that I hate summer.  This summer has been better than most.  July flew by in a blur, full of fun and having our calendar marked up in advance has been wonderful.  The heat wasn’t too bad, actually chilly for July in Ontario, and the kids have been relatively well behaved.  Don’t get too excited, summer is still my least favourite season.


We are half-way through summer and half-way through our dares!  When it comes to this particular dare, you should know something else about me:  I am a city girl.  I like the bright lights and the clash of architecture.  I like having the ability to be alone in a crowd.  I like background noise.  I like entertainment and bustle.  I like the sound of high heels on pavement.  I like the cacophony of smells filling up your senses down in the big city.


I also like running water, air conditioning, conventional ovens, hair dryers, television, computers, internet, fridges, microwaves, and especially flush toilets.

You can imagine that camping is not for me.


But, again I am outnumbered 6 to 1.  My kids and The Hubster love dirt in their toes, and swimming in frigid waters.  People watching and making friends for a day.  Sleeping on the ground and constantly zipping/ unzipping tents.  Walking to the outhouse all by themselves.  Being awake and outdoors when it’s dark.  Fire.  They like trying new things and honestly, all The Hubster or I have to do is tell them it’s fun and they are on board.


Camping will never be “my thing”.  We will probably go on too many camping trips to count by the time our kids leave home.  I can say that with confidence because “my thing” includes putting my kids and The Hubster first.  Because it makes them happy I will put on my big girl pants and learn to do new things like cook food over a campfire.  I will not suck their joy by being a Debbie Downer.  I will take thousands of pictures, and applaud their sand castle creations.  I will let them pee, naked in the woods and chug straight from the milk container so we don’t have to take it home.  I will enthusiastically participate in the Park Ranger’s educational experiences.  I will learn to set up and tear down camp in any weather condition, with the pride of a Girl Scout.  I’ll do it all with a smile on my face and joy in my heart, because camping isn’t “my thing”, but my family is.

DSC_0361  (I will literally take thousands of pictures.  See some more here.)

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