Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.


The recess bell rings.  Tommy brought a brand new soccer ball.  Everyone rushes to the field, and waits for him to choose.

You found the perfect tie.  You spent hours getting your hair to stay that high.  You walk in, find your side and then you wait for someone to make that long walk across the gym.

You missed every recital.  Every little league game.  Every anniversary.  You ate, breathed, and slept that account for 3 long years.  You nailed it.  That promotion is in the bag, right?

Cleaning, cooking, mending.  Nurse, taxi, teacher, playmate, chef, maid, party planner, ATM, shoulder, cheerleader.  You did all that was needed, whenever it was needed, with whatever you had.  Surely they’ll come spend an hour with you at Christmas.

The humanity in us despises waiting to be chosen.  It makes us so vulnerable and unsure.  Regardless of what we are waiting to be chosen for, by 10 seconds in we just want someone to tell us we are enough.

Likewise, not very many people want to do the choosing.  The stress is paramount.  The possibility of damaging relationships is inevitable.  All eyes are on you.  It will be your reputation tied to this decision forever.

We spend far too much time trying to position ourselves to be chosen.  We say yes when we want to say no.  We lose part of our uniqueness in order to fit in.  We measure ourselves by other people’s standards.

I’ll tell you a secret: It’s a lie.

One of the hardest things to wrap our minds around is that we could be chosen simply because we are.  That true love has no conditions, it does not depend on what we’ve done or made ourselves to be.  That all the things about yourself you try so hard to deny- those are what make you the perfect candidate for first pick.

I think that has to be one of my very favourite things about being a Christian.  The fact that God chose me before I even knew me.  Before I had a chance to stand in front of a mirror and wish away my ‘flaws’; before I had a chance to feel un-worthy; before I ever wanted to be like someone else- I was already chosen.

So much freedom comes with knowing I did not earn my keys to the kingdom, they are a gift.  I could not earn them.  I cannot lose them.  I was chosen to receive them before I even began.

10 Comments on “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

    • That is an excellent question. My answer is yes….and no. Being a Christian means your being chosen has nothing to do with you. That you cannot merit it. And I believe that is only possible with God, the only one truly capable of 100% unconditional love all the time. So yes, if you aren’t a Christian you will never be chosen like that. Of course, you can be chosen without being a Christian for many other things- promotions and accolades and friendships. Without being a Christian you may be chosen for many good things, but you will never be chosen for the best.

      • Hmmm, interesting. And who decides what is “the best?” If God chooses the best how do you know what that is? We as humans cannot know the mind of God. If a Christian and an Atheist are standing side by side in front of God and the Christian is a murderer and thief and the Atheist is a law abiding citizen and a benefit to society which of these two will be chosen as “the best?”

      • I would say that is where faith comes in. As a Christian I say that God’s knowledge is bigger than mine, that his plans are better than mine. I choose to submit to his authority and follow Him. We absolutely cannot know the mind of God which is why things puzzle us. Like when bad things happen to good people- it makes no sense. But it does not change who God is and my faith in Him means that even though I do not understand it I trust Him. The rest of your comment falls apart though, a Christian would not be a murderer or a thief. A Christian is one who follows God and his commandments and two of those are not murdering or stealing.

      • Christians sin all the time, be it a heinous crime or not. There are many examples of that in the Bible. King David murdered.

      • You are right that Christians do sin. Redeemed does not mean perfect. However, I feel like this could start a circular argument and it’s not my job to argue my faith. Did you mean King David was murdered, (because he was not), or are you saying that he committed murder, which he did. But read the story after that, read the Psalms that correspond to that time. Hear his heart, see the consequences, see how he changed upon repentance. I said before, there is nothing a Christian can do to merit being chosen, and nothing he can do to lose it. This is a great mystery.

      • I meant King David murdered. I’ve read the Bible twice. Which isn’t to say I’m a scholar. There are many more mysteries to the Christian faith.

        I refuse to judge others lest I be judged as well.

      • There are many mysteries to the Christian faith, but the more you engage with the Bible, and ask the Holy Spirit to show you truth, the more you come to understand. It’s a lifelong journey for sure, and I don’t think anyone has it all figured out. 🙂

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