‘Cuz I’m Happy.

i am a joy addict.

Wedding pictures make me smile ear to ear.  Let’s face it, most wedding pictures are very similar.  There’s one of the ring, one of the dress, one of the groom seeing the bride for the first time, one of the bride and her daddy, one of the kiss, one of the flowers…..  But the smiles.  The smiles are so wonderful.  Their joy makes every wedding unique.  I enjoy every one.

New babies.  Being perfectly honest, just because one was just born does not make one cute.  But the smiles of the people looking at them. All the fluffy blankets and crocheted prop goodness.  Black and white editing.  I can’t help but be overwhelmed with joy for every little life.  The tiny bits they’ll grow into, what the future holds for them.  I cannot help but catch the joy of the family of a newborn baby.

Did you just buy a house, I am ecstatic for you.  I just love when a person finds that place they can call home.  When you walk in and you see your own pictures on the walls and the perfect places to stage your traditions.  Need someone to give a tour after you unpacked the umpteenth box and are so proud- call me.  I will seriously “Oooohhh”  and “Aaaahhhh” at all the right places and mean it.

Did you graduate?  Found the perfect prom dress?  Met the man/woman of your dreams?  Dream Vacation?  Lost the weight? Promotion?  Retirement?  If you have something you are joyful about, let me know cuz I can put some sprinkles on that.

It’s why I’m on Facebook an embarrassing amount of time, I just need to know what to be happy for!

Hi.  My name is Amanda, and I am addicted to joy.

(Today’s writing challenge:  Be as brief as you can, but complete your thought.  Trust me- it was way hard.)

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