Parent Perks

By far, this is my favourite part of being a mom.

When she left for school in the morning, the house looked like this.

Blog 1

Then she came home to this.


blog 2

I took these.

Blog 3

And they made these.

Blog 4

What started off as a question…..

blog 7

Became this answer.

Blog 6

It’s true, I’m the janitor and kitchen staff and chauffeur.  I deal with all manner of meltdowns and tantrums and attitude. I am exhausted by discipline and teaching good habits.  ‘Weekend’ means nothing to me.

But, I am also Walt Disney and Mary Poppins and Ray Kinsella.*

By far my favourite part of being a mom is being the Maker of Magic.  The one who grants wishes and cures boo-boos with kisses.  The one who can sweep away bad dreams and leave them wondering… ‘how did she know that?’

I wasn’t lucky enough to attend Hogwarts, but I get to wield a wand and turn ordinary days into magical memories.  Parent Perk #1- I get to make the magic.

*Just so you don’t spend all day racking your brain over who Ray Kinsella is, I’ll tell you.  He’s the main character in Field of Dreams; you know, ‘if you build it…..’

One Comment on “Parent Perks

  1. Wow!!! Amanda, how do you do it? And to think, you do it for all your kids.You just keep coming up with all these creative ideas and figure out how to make them happen. Thank you for being our grandkids mother.

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