Oh January.


So this is January.  So chilly, so lonely, so unmotivat-Ed.

January sounds like grumbling, groaning, creaking, plodding along.  It’s cold.  It’s grey.  I have to wear shoes.  Is there anything good about January?

winter streetsWe do this, don’t we?  We come to January all the time.  Not just on the calendar, but in life.  We begin to doubt whether we can meet goals we set in shiny December.  We burn out from trying.  We plod along, every step hampered by snow drifts and then we just give up.  We curl up in a blanket, sit by the fire and act like that is just as satisfying as the hustle and bustle and aliveness of December.

It happens consistently, but catches us by surprise nonetheless.

“Do not be afraid to shed the familiarity of old patterns and old clothes” -Joanna Weaver

You know what I want though?  I wan to break the pattern and stay in December.  To just stop and get stuck in the eager anticipation, the energetic preparations, the colours, the aromas, the fullness of the season.

twinkle lights

Maybe we need more twinkle lights and ribbons and shiny packages.

Maybe we need to make extra time to appreciate people, searching high and low for the perfect tokens to express our love and gratitude.

Maybe the scent of familiar baking and the satisfaction of a guest ready home is the balm we need to ward of January’s chills.

The effort we put into life in December is incredible.  Sometimes we feel it.  When we shift our gaze- when we skip ahead to January, it can become absolute, almost unbearable drudgery.

But when we settle in to December, when we stay in the moment and immerse ourselves in the season we are fuelled supernaturally.

Fuelled by remembrances of what was.

Fuelled by gratefulness for what is.

Fuelled by hope of what is to come.

While January is full with new beginnings, new challenges, new resolutions and plans- it all becomes absolute, almost unbearable drudgery when we forget December.

There’s no reason to forget December.  We didn’t unwrap all the gifts on Christmas morning, the greatest is still to come.

Maybe those twinkle lights don’t need to go back to storage just yet.  Maybe some carols don’t have to be seasonal.  Maybe gingersnaps taste just as good without egg nog.

This January, let’s shake it up, set a new pattern and not let January rob us of December’s delight anymore.

more twinkle


*word art found on Etsy at this listing and quoted from the movie You’ve Got Mail.  Photography credits on photo watermarks.

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