Courageous Creativity.


I really like that God is creative.  Even more I like that He has made me creative.  Not because I’m a person that likes to cut and paste and use glitter, not because I derive satisfaction from making something I could buy.  He has made me creative because I am made in His image and He is creative!  That means you are too.  Yep, even if you find scrapbooking synonymous with paper cuts or the joy of painting is erased by your anxiousness over stain removal.  We are all creative in some way because that is how we we were created.

Today there was a line in my devotional that read like this: “[God] desires to be entirely creative with you.  Do you allow Him the freedom?” Absolutely, right?  How could I think of sunsets and mountain ranges and coral reefs and not want that beauty for me?  If I consider for even a second the majesty of forests and glaciers and waterfalls, I am going to crave that power in my own actions.  For a plain Jane like me, the idea of God’s creativity in my life is awe-inspiring.

Or is it?

To tell the truth, when I think of creativity I am not blown away by what God did in the beginning.  Instead I see my creative endeavours.  Sketches that never got off paper.  DIY projects that don’t look like the tutorials.  Materials bought still in their original packaging.  Gifts never delivered.  Projects half done.  Good intentions paving the pathway to my craft room.

I do not want God to do that with my life.

I can be tempted to think that He does.  He made me smart, but did He get tired before pretty?  He gave me ideas, but did He shelf me before adding courage?  He says he will give me everything I need, but did he remember to take it out of the package?

When I start a creative project it seems good.  I gather the materials, I have the idea, I may even have a picture to compare it to when finished.  I am set up for success.  As soon as I start that project though, things get messy.  Each piece needs to be crafted properly before it is fitted together in the whole to bring the project to complete.  If I stop in the middle, I am left with a mess.  If I don’t complete each piece the project will not be whole. I have to stick with it to the end for that project to remain as good as it started.

The truth is that we started out good.  Genesis tells us that after God finished His initial creative work He: “saw all that He had made and it was very good”.  The good news is that God finishes all of His projects.  Philippians 1:6 reminds us; “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

The reality is that we are in the mess of the middle.  When I look around that it all I can see, the creative chaos where the work takes place.  I didn’t have the idea for my life.  I don’t know the pieces that need to be put together.  I don’t have a picture of the completed project to compare today to.

Can I trust that what doesn’t make sense to me makes sense to Him?  Can I have faith that the mess will turn out beautiful?  Can I be brave enough to separate my life into tiny pieces- to stop trying to figure out how it all fits together- so that He can put me together according to His design?

Sunsets, waterfalls, coral reefs, mountain ranges; I get to see the beauty of the finished work.  The challenge is to see past that to the beginning, imagine the mess in the middle and see it all as amazing.

*Devotional mentioned “Whispers of Hope” by Beth Moore

One Comment on “Courageous Creativity.

  1. Love this Amanda! Such a good perspective and reminder! Thanks for the encouragement today!

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