When I Grow Up

Brooklyn's SK GraduationSomething I’ve always said is that I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.  It seems preposterous to say that as I’m coming close to my 40th birthday.  Shouldn’t I decide?  Or at least admit I’m a grown up? 

I absolutely believe that anyone can be what they want to be and do what they want to do.  Me, I want to do all the things.  There isn’t one idea that is more exciting to me than another.  There isn’t a single profession that calls to me, it’s a cacophony of choices all meshed together, that chaos is what I want to follow.   My imagination has no boundary and so I can’t pick a path.  I can’t fully commit to just one thing. 

I love the idea of start ups.  To think that someone can decide they want to make a mattress the comes rolled up, or glasses so colour blind folks can see hues, or ways to cool champagne without ice or refrigerators.  Start Uppers get to take those ideas and turn them into something tangible, then sell them to a Stick With It and start something new up.  Doesn’t that sound divine!

The only worthwhile return on the investment of work is, in my mind, the ability to go and do something for the first time. 

Recently at our house talk has been turning towards what our kids want to be when they grow up.  One of my sons asked me to search up how much it will cost for him to become an archeologist.  One of my daughters wants to know where she can go to culinary school, another where to become a hair and make up expert- both dreaming to employ those skills to make magic with Disney.  Another wants to do photography, but isn’t sure about the effort.   The youngest keeps us all excited with his daily changing aspirations. 

I look up the information for them and we have conversations.  I’m not sure our dialogueDSC_0104 is typical though. Most often I do everything I can to direct their thoughts away from universities and degrees.  I encourage them to pursue skills.  I ask them how their work could help people.  I inquiry how these professions would bring them joy.

And always I emphasize that before they decide where to dig in, to first consider all the places they can dip first.  YWAM. Capernwray.  Internships.  Job-shadowing.  Mentoring.  Class auditing.  Workshops.  Humanitarian projects. 

When we talk about what to be when we grow up at our house, I place equal importance on learning what you can do and learning who you are.  I think that both are life-long journeys.  To be teachable is a skill not just for the classroom.  To learn what you need to know to earn your income is noble.  To learn what you need to know to become yourself is courageous.  

Tossin his Cap....When we get to growing up around here, I’m excited to see what we’ll become!  I hope it’s changed many times.  I hope it’s full of experiences and wisdom.  I hope that our hands do good work.  I hope that our hearts love well.  I hope that our minds are challenged.  

Mostly I hope that we’re brave enough to change.  That we know that how we earn our income is not who we are.  That it’s okay to be grown up and still not know what we’re going to be.  



One Comment on “When I Grow Up

  1. You amaze me with your deep and insightful thoughts. Not to mention the way you put them into words! You really ought to put these missives into a book.

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