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Every Friday I plan to share the pins I actually use in my life. The successes and the failures.

Our Skittles Experiment

Watch how we took something sweet and made it sweeter by lining it up with God’s Word!

Parent Perks

By far, this is my favourite part of being a mom. When she left for school in the morning, the house looked like this. Then she came home to this.   I took these. And they made these. What started off as a question……..


When we first started planning The Shy One’s birthday party I was unaware that November is “Adoption Awareness” Month.  This month I have become very aware of adoption.  I read this post that a friend brought to my attention and since then I  haven’t…


This past weekend I put on my big girl pants and went camping with the family.  I tried to write a post on Monday right after we got back to recap for our Summer Dare series, but this is all I could get:  “We…

This PIN is on fire!!

It’s true that sometimes I spend my time on my iPhone taking a brain break, pinning random things that pop up on those pages.  There are also times when I go searching the internet for something specific, and then pin the perfect thing…

Pickin up the P”Inspiration”!

It’s Friday! I kinda fell off the edge of the earth for a little bit, and what better way to re-enter the blogosphere than with a P”Inspired” post.  This week’s post features our end-of-year teacher thank you gifts. The budget was tight and our…


On Monday I returned from Turkey and have been slowly but surely returning to my normal self.  Last night I managed to stay awake until 8pm-without an afternoon nap! I haven’t done anything pin-worthy yet this week, but there are a few projects in the…

PinUps Week 2

I had one of those weeks where I went to bed on Monday night and woke up on Friday morning.  Where did the days go?  Those kinds of weeks always throw me for a loop, and it took me a while to remember that…

Pinup Girl

I let you all in on my love of pinning in the fall.  When I wrote that post I had pinned roughly 2,000 images and now, just about 6 months later, I have just over 3,000 pins.  I think that number may even grow tonight…….